Komorebi at Kōraku-en

Komorebi at Kōraku-en

Philo Ouweleen, 2022
Komorebi at Kōraku-en, 58.5 x 43 cm.
Gouache, Akashiya Sai watercolour brush pens, Faber-Castell colour pencils and gold marker on Fabriano 200 g cold press watercolour paper.

*What started out as a 'quick study of shadow and light' turned into something more. Usually I prepare my paper before painting, but in case of painting studies for practice this is not the case. This paper is therefore slightly puckered by heavy layers of paint, therefore I offer this piece at a lower price range than usual. The puckering can be reduced by proper framing and is not intrusive to the enjoyment of the artwork.